Silo filters


SIRIUS with pneumatic filter cleaning in the weather hood.
HERKULES with mechanical filter cleaning.
Filter equipment with:

  • Cartridge 8,8 m2 to 34,4 m2 filter surface*
  • Multi-hose 3,0 m2 to 12,0 m2 filter surface*

* other filter surfaces see filter +- 50mbar


  • Ready for connection
  • Including control and welding ring
  • Filter housing of stainless steel 1.4301/304
  • Maintenance-friendly, one-man maintenance
  • Microprocessor filter control extendable up to a
    complete silo protection system (see controls)

 Fields of application

  • These models are especially suited for silos and containers which are filled pneumatically with bulk material
  • Due to the stainless steel design, the filters can be used in all industries
    ranging from the building trade to the pharmaceutical industry
  • From aerosil to zinc
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