Our modular system offers the following options:

  • Fan, weather protection hood and noise protection hood for the fan
  • Swivel device for an easy exchange of filter elements with only one man 
  • Filter control via filter condition display or remote display
  • Remote control and monitoring of the filter control via OKTOPUS
  • Pressure differential control
  • Network pressure indicator
  • Low voltage coupling
  • Compressed air coupling
  • Maintenance unit for compressed air
  • Revision door
  • Valve heating
  • Insulation / heating of the filter units
  • Filter elements antistatic
  • EEx protection pursuant to ATEX
  • Rupture disc
  • Framework
  • Dust bin 30l, 60l and 80l capacity
  • Parts in contact with the product: stainless steel 1.4571/316Ti
  • Filter flange optionally of aluminium or stainless steel
  • Welding ring optionally of stainless steel, steel or aluminium
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